Our website clients are companies and people who also believe in the importance of remarkable stories.

They put passion into what they do. It’s about more than money. They have something unique and compelling — different than what anyone else has done — and they recognize that 28concepts’ strength lies in creating memorable connections through design.

//want to work with us?

Thank you. We really appreciate your inquiry and interest. Here is more information about us:

To improve and enhance your current website without spending thousands, we offer website reviews.

//for full scale, thoughtful website development:

If you’re in a hurry, or on a very tight budget, this is not the product for you. We do offer very low priced semi-custom websitesOur very best work takes time, and we put a lot of heart and research into it.

We like client relationships that work well for us and you, and that generally means a few things:

1. You’re respectful, professional and you take your business seriously.

2. You have a budget for website design.

Design and branding (without development/coding) begins at $2,500. Our availability for these projects is limited.

Fully coded, start-to-finish websites start at $5,000, with a minimum 6-week project development timeline.

Our rates are competitive and firm. What makes us different from other designers and agencies is a strict adherence to schedule and scope (we deliver what we promise, on time, with a fully detailed schedule for you to follow) and complete transparency with you as a client. Our contract language is clear, detailed, and structured so you know exactly what to expect. We guide you along the process and let you know what we need from you, when we need it, and help you further refine and define the vision for your business. We don’t overpromise, and we don’t underdeliver. In short, we deliver on-time, effective designs within a project framework that is predictable and sane.

3. You understand that our magic takes time and lots of creative energy. You’re cool with that.

//sound like your company?

Check out some of our projects. Meanwhile, if you want your own story told with unforgettable branding and design, let’s talk.

Send us an email stating your project description, desired timeline and budget range so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

You can expect to receive a reply to your inquiry within three business days.

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